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TERA Receives Draakon Arena Update Tomorrow

New dungeon and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Draaken Arena update for TERA goes live tomorrow, June 16.

The new content update is set to include new challenges plus new rewards. The new dungeon this time is the Draaken Arena, bringing high-end rewards and two difficulty levels. It’s designed for characters who are at least level 70, so you might want to level up before tackling this one.

The boss is Kalliger, the Azart Commander. Defeating him will net you some loot, in addition to the ability to resize your rings and necklaces. The second content included is the Partner Adventure System. This system is designed let you send out up to three partners per account to the far reaches of the world. You can use them to gather items, skill advancement scrolls, relics, dungeon rewards, and halidoms.

If you teach your partner the Adventure Enhancement skill, it will increase their chances of finding you good loot. Check out what’s included in this update here. And in case you missed it, the Hunters and Heroes event is currently live in TERA until June 30. You’ll be able to fight back against the monster population and be rewarded for your efforts.


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