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TERA Previews Its Upcoming Gardan Of The Ice Update

An Icy Preview

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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TERA showcased their upcoming update to the MMORPG, Gardan of the Ice, on their forums today, giving players a first look at what they can expect in the MMO.

The new patch, patch 103, gives TERA players a new Killing Grounds instance, as well as improvements to etchings and more. The Killing Grounds instance will allow players to jump into the dungeon to take on a powerful new boss that uses ice-powered attacks to damage its foes. The new dungeon also will have new materials needed to create the new Kaia's Soul Gear - the hand and footwear of the gear introduced in the last update.

Via the forums post:

"Gardan is a berserker who employs an array of icy attacks to bring the pain. Watch out when he goes apoplectic, and be prepared for his attempts to lock you and your companions in a dome of ice. This shrinks the combat area and lets Gardan get up close and personal – just the way he likes it!"

Additionally, the temporary changes made to etchings will be permanenet, with 30-day etchings turning into a permanent version, while 60-day etchings will give you two permanent versions of the etching. The developers also note that etchings already applied to equipment will also benefit from this change, but only if the current timers haven't run out before the upcoming maintenance to patch the MMO.


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