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TERA PC Players Can Take Part in BAF Fishing & Wintera Event

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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TERA players have a lot to do now that fishing has made a splash into the game. It's time to throw out the bait and set hooks for big ass fish. In addition to that slimy pursuit, players can also take part in the Wintera seasonal event that has new activities "to help players keep warm during this chilly time of year".

This new fishing system comes alongside a broader overhaul of the crafting and gathering professions in the game, including the addition of a new cooking profession. Players can use the fish they reel in to craft stat increasing foods, trade in to vendors for enchanting materials, or simply sell them for gold to line their pockets. As in real life, fish out of water won’t keep forever though. After 48 hours any fish players catch will spoil, so make use of it while it’s fresh!

Learn more on the TERA site.


Suzie Ford

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