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TERA Patch 109 Brings New Baldera Area

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for TERA, patch 109, is set to bring a new area to the MMORPG. This area is Baldera, and we’ve got some details on what’s included in the patch.

You can find Baldera in the Oblivion Woods of Arcadia. Alternatively, you can access Baldera through the Ruinweald found in the northern part of Oblivion Woods. If you’re keen to check ou the new area, do note the recommended level is 71. Furthermore, the TERA team notes you should only enter the area once you’ve hit level 70. Finally, Baldera will bring several new achievements, new quests, and more.

Patch 109 also brings Rogash’s Trial, the solo dungeon for the Fusion Laboratory. You’ll be able to enter twice per day, or thrice daily with the monthly pass. The patch also brings various adjustments and improvements for the DPS meter, character creation, UI updates, Civil Unrest, and quests.

The patch also brings new TERA Pass missions including:

  • Added new repeatable missions and new daily missions.
  • The repeatable mission can be completed until the maximum score has been reached. The score is reset at 7 AM server time.
  • The daily mission can only be completed once per day. It is reset at 7 AM server time. (The score is irrelevant.)
  • The language for the TERA Pass will now be determined by the server language.?

You can check out the full patch notes here. The previous patch, patch 108, brought a new dungeon to TERAin addition to new rewards and more. You can read about that patch here. Prior to that, patch 107 brought some adjustments to class balancing.


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