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TERA Patch 107 Brings Adjustments to Class Balancing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Class balancing is the name of the game in TERA’s next patch 107, in addition to bringing a bunch of improvements to UI and boss battles. Here are some highlights.

Class balancing touches on the Berserker, Warrior, Sorceror, Archer, Valkyrie, and Ninja. For example, Sorceror Ice Lane is affected thusly:

  • Increases skill damage by 20%.
  • Skill damage increases by 10% (previously 30%) on a successful hit with Arcane Pulse or Nova.
  • Elemental Attunement
  • Skill damage is now increased by 15% (previously 4%) when you receive an element.
  • The Equipoise effect changes to Elementalist.
  • Elementalist is activated when you use a Fusion Skill with two attributes.
  • The skill damage of Fusion Skills with two attributes is increased by 20% when Elementalist is active.

Items also received tweaks, as did UI. Specirically, the EP XP Display received a host of changes to the window, dungeon entries, remaining boss health percentages, and more including:

  • The name of the character with the most Aggro, who is targeted by the boss monster, is displayed.
  • The boss’s current physical and magic resistance are constantly displayed.
  • The remaining HP bar is shown in green by default. When the boss monster becomes enraged, the HP bar turns red.
  • Boss Attack Pattern Warnings
  • Changes have been made so that unexpected patterns are less likely to occur when multiple attacks are performed.
  • Changes have been made so that the attack range is accurately displayed even if the timing of the attack pattern is not perfect.

You can check out the full patch notes here. TERA recently celebrated its 9th anniversary back in May. You can read about the festivities and various events here in case you missed it.


Poorna Shankar