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TERA Outlines Kaia’s Anvil Events

Get ready...

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Kaia Anvil events have been outlined for TERA starting March 10.

The events kick off after maintenance and bring with them a four week dungeon play event. Starting March 10 until April 7 at 10a PT, completing the following dungeons 28 times each to receive a guaranteed offering or offering box.

  • Velik’s Sanctuary
  • Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard)
  • Gossamer Vault
  • Grotto of Lost Souls

Adventure Coins have been increased as well. Why?

“Because completing each event rewards you with a special item: a Darkan’s Wing Offering Box from Velik’s Sanctuary, and offerings of Suffering, Torment, and Hatred from the other dungeons. When you’ve got them all, combine then to assemble an event-exclusive set of Darkan’s Verdant Wings! These wings are a vibrant green reskin of the Tier 10 TERA Rewards version, now available to all players who complete the events!”


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