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TERA Online Previews Gardan of the Ice in Patch 103

It's the Right Time for an Icy Berserker

Steven Weber Posted:
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TERA Online’s next patch will have several content updates and enhancements to the game, and in their latest Preview, the Tera team outlined what’s coming in Gardan of the Ice.

Patch 103 has a new dungeon, a new trial, and changes to etchings, among many other things. The new Dungeon, Killing Grounds, is set to have what the team describes as a “brutal” boss – Gardan. Gardan is a berserker with a big axe, and plenty of icy attacks for players who are up to the challenge.

Changes to etchings are also on the way. All of the temporary etchings will be swapped for permanent versions according to the below:

  • 30-day etchings turn into a permanent version
  • 60-day etchings turn into 2 permanent versions

If you’re wondering what other events are going on in February, check out this full schedule of events that covers everything that will pop up until March 1st. Don't forget, TERA also has a battle pass on the way, which starts February 18th, and runs through June 3rd. 


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