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TERA March Events Continue, Provide Quest Boosts, Double Dungeon Loot, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The March events for TERA continue, providing boosts for quests and dungeon loot.

Several events are taking place in TERA throughout the month of March, with plenty of chances to take advantage of extra loot and boosts. The next event is set to take place on March 11 and will run through March 16. This event is all about quest boosts. In effect, you’ll be able to earn double loot and gold for Vanguard Initiative quests throughout the duration of the event.

The next event is the Faster Partner Adventures event taking place on March 18 through March 22. This event will see your partners returning from adventures twice as fast as normal. Basically, your adventure time will be 50% shorter than normal, so you can take advantage of this by running more adventures and grabbing more loot.

Better Enchantment Chances runs from March 19 through March 22 and will see a 33% increase in enchantment chances for these items:

  • Dauntless & Manaforce Azart Gear
  • Flawless & Master’s Duranium Gear
  • Dark Light, Annihilation, and Eternal Gear
  • Mythical gear (old)

Double Dungeon Loot runs from March 23 through March 30 and will provide double loot for all dungeons. Finally, Better Upgrade Chances runs from March 26 through March 29 and gives double chances to upgrade all relics, and all halidoms.


Poorna Shankar