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TERA Forsaken Souls Patch Notes Brings Auto Fishing, Bug Fixes, More

New dungeons, leveling improvements too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Auto fishing and more is here in the Forsaken Souls patch for TERA.

The patch covers off new dungeons, improvements to leveling, bug fixes, auto fishing, and more. Here are the patch notes in full:

  1. New Dungeon: Forsaken Island (Entries: 1/day)
    • Entering via party matching requires Item level 439.
    • Players can also enter through the teleportal in Cutthroat Harbor.
    • Drops include: Phantom Helm, Phantom Armor, Frostmetal Equipment Chest, Emerald, Diamond, and top-tier enchanting material.
  2. New Dungeon: Forsaken Island (Hard) (Entries: 1/day)
    • Entering via party matching requires Item level 448.
    • Players can also enter through the teleportal in Cutthroat Harbor.
    • Drops include: Riding Skill: Gullinbursti, Stormcry Equipment Chest, emerald, diamond, and top-tier enchanting material.
      • Gullinbursti is a ground mount with an active skill that increases the player’s maximum HP for a short period after dismounting.
  3. The dungeons RK-9 Kennel and RK-9 Kennel (Hard) are closing temporarily, while we adjust difficulties and rewards.
  4. The leaderboards will no longer include RK-9 Kennel (Hard), Champions’ Skyring, or Pit of Petrax.
    • We’re improving the leaderboard rewards for Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard).
      • 1st–3rd: Moonlight Fruit 500 ×2, Diamond ×3
      • 4th–10th: Moonlight Fruit 500 ×1, Diamond ×2
      • 11th–20th: Diamond ×1
  5. Auto-fishing is now available.
    • Activate auto-fishing mode by selecting “Start auto-fishing” while fishing manually.
      • The standard wait time for auto-fishing is 180 seconds.
      • The bait the player uses will be consumed after receiving the fishing reward.
      • Auto-fishing cannot catch BAF.
    • The chat window is now available while fishing
      • You may press Left on the D-pad to check the chatting window or enter a message.
  6. Leveling-Up Improvement
    • Mission Quest
      • Players will automatically receive the quest “A New Threat” upon reaching level 60.
      • The XP rewards for the quest group “Argon War” have been increased.


Fire for Effect


The Goddess of War

Into the Heart of Darkness

Cyasma Spire

Finding the Flame

An End to War

    • Vanguard Request
      • The Ebon Tower dungeon request is now available until level 60.
  1. Reorganization of Faction NPCs Daily Quest Rewards
    • The rewards for Invalesco, Shariar, Valsekyr Hunt, Hyderad Legacy, Hands of Velika, Unified Field Lab, Jax Trust factions’ daily quests have been rearranged.
    • The more influence a character has with a faction’s NPCs, the more quests that character can received from that faction per day, and the chance of getting a higher level quest increases.
      • The higher the level of a daily quest, the more gold/faction XP/faction points the character will receive. Additionally, the character will receive rewards of noctenium infusions, bravery potions, and similar consumables.
      • Note that the maximum quest count remains at10 times.
  2. Other Improvements
    • We have improved the UI when opening loot boxes.
      • Players can now auto-open loot boxes by using the “auto-open” button on the loot box screen.
    • Leaderboards now offer the option to display the player’s ID or not:
      • Go to System Options > Play > Show my ID on Leaderboards, and toggle the “My ID display On/Off” option.
    • We have improved the HUD UI option.
      • Go to System > Options > Play > HUD UI, and adjust the following options:
      • Mini-map transparency option
      • MP/HP gauge % display option
      • Critical hit background display option
      • Aim display option
  3. Bug Fixes
    • Common
      • The hologram cutscene in Antaroth’s Abyss now displays normally
      • We corrected an issue with some of the gunner, ninja, and warrior skills not being usable when resetting shortcuts.
      • If there is no message in the Sent tab in parcel post, the UI now states “No sent letters.”
      • We fixed an issue in which players repeatedly casting and canceling fishing would display the lure and fishing UI incorrectly.
      • Fishing animation ends when requesting a group invite while fishing.
      • The Elite Gift Box “time remaining” displays properly after logging out and logging back in.
      • For expensive items, the copper price displays fully in the price information.
      • Players can now move to fisheries via Waining after completing the quest “Let’s Go Fishing.”
      • The NPC for “Island Vacation” now properly appears, allowing the quest to begin. l The mini-map no longer freezes when moving across regions with too many quest markers.
      • “Aura of the Abyss” stack can be accumulated while fishing.
      • The /invite command can be used in the Chat UI.
      • Rewards for “Vergos’s Rage” and “Requiem for a Dragon” in Harrowhold now display correctly in the mission quest journal UI.
      • Heroic Oath item tooltip now properly shows items that can be enchanted.
      • The feat “Lightspeed” can now be achieved. (Note that this feat will not automatically appear in a player’s feats unless they achieve it again.)
      • Fishing no longer stops when a party member uses Divine Intervention while fishing.
      • When dismantling multiple fish at the same time, the number of items now correctly matches the number on the system message.
      • Scavenged Supplies and Dragon Skull items can now be obtained in Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard).


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