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TERA Consoles Reminds Us of Service Transfer and End of EMP Sales

With En Masse Entertainment shutting down

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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TERA for console has issued a reminder of a transfer of service and the end of EMP sales. Here are the details.

The transfer for service will begin on Monday, September 14. This also coincides with the discontinuation of sales of EMP and TERA Elite Status. Keep in mind, the TERA Elite Status vouchers will apparently will be available to purchased using EMP in the in-game store after September 14. However, that date will mark the last day for cash sales.

Additionally, the team is aiming to publish some sort of game-specific FAQ article as a form of support for players during the transitional period. However, the post does not that complete details for service transfer, “will not yet be available on September 14.”

The announcement for both of these changes were announced a month ago when we learned that En Masse Entertainment is shutting down. They thank the community for their support and enthusiasm for their games. You can learn all about the imminent shut down of En Masse Entertainment right here. Additionally, the Undying Update is currently out now.


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