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TERA Console's Battle Pass: Frostwinter Is Live

100 levels of rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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TERA Console has received Battle Pass: Frostwinter bringing about the first season with a bunch of rewards. Here are some details.

The main rewards include the Ameretat Knight Set. If you equip all items in this set – the armor, horn, helm, and wings – you’ll receive a bright purple effect surrounding the armor pictured above. To obtain this, you’ll need to reach level 100 and receive all the preceding rewards to take advantage of this armor effect.

There are a host of Battle Pass PLUS rewards as well. Grabbing this will give you instant access to level 25 of the pass which nets you the following:

  • Flying Skill: Chaos Ameretat
  • Ameretat Knight Underarmor (Permanent)
  • ELITE Gold (3 days)
  • Battle Pass Special Gem Box (20x)
  • Superior Noctenium Elixir (10x)
  • Ameretat's Bequest

The battle pass also comes with daily missions, challenge missions, and hidden missions which are only revealed to you when cleared. You’ll receive a new hidden mission every day. Check out the full rewards for the battle pass here.


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