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TERA Console Will Receive The Popori Brawler

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you play TERA on console, good news. You’ll soon receive a new class in the popori brawler.

The brawlers will hit consoles on January 28. What can they do? With their massive powerfists, they deliver punch-and-counter combos. If you’re a melee player, you might want to give this class a look.

Alongside this new class, a new dungeon is coming for level 65 players called Antaraoth’s Abyss. This dungeon is set in a prison built by ancient high elves. According to the press release, your movements are tracked through the use of a monitoring system, which trigger shapeless guardians and various special devices designed to impede progress.

Finally, new conversion items will be added like The Abyssal Pendant, the Abyssal Earring, and the Abyssal Ring.


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