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TERA Console Unmasked Out Now

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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TERA Console Unmasked is live now for console players bringing new content, items, and the chance to fly.

In a press release, details were shared regarding Guardian Legion Missions which will, “send players soaring into the unfriendly skies to take on enemies in airborne combat.” Additionally, you’ll fly around and collect orbs to destroy desert wraiths in Rhapsody of Wind and Fire.

New dragon mounts are also available in the store, featuring both forms of Gloom, Dusk, and Storm which provide their riders with HP/MP-restoration while mounted. Additionally, the Red Refuge features a dungeon for level 65 players.

Four new masks are also available:

  • Survival Mask for protection: acquired through Red Refuge (Hard)
  • Rider’s Mask for mount improvements: purchased with Warmonger Tokens
  • Light Mask for flying enhancement: obtained by participating in Guardian Legion missions, or purchased with Pilot’s Tokens
  • Powerful Mask for boosts to Attack Power: obtained by participating in Guardian Legion missions, or purchased with Legendary Tokens

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