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TERA Console Receives Roadmap, Elite Status Update in Light of En Masse Shutting Down

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Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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With news of En Masse Entertainment shutting down, many were wondering about the future of TERA Console. To that end, they have teamed up with Sarumonin for a roadmap of sorts.

We previously wrote about the end of service and end of EMP sales. Recently, however, TERA Console shared the following on their Twitter account,

“We know players are anxious about the future of #TERAConsole. So we're here to put your minds at ease.

We've teamed up with @Sarumonin to provide you an official Roadmap for the rest of 2020 - with some delays that will unfortunately leak into January/February.

Stay tuned.”

For the second half of 2020 is set to contain the following for TERA Console:

  • Ruinous Manor
  • Grotto of Lost Souls
  • Crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One
  • Dreadspire
  • Complete +3 Enchanting
  • New Life Skills System
  • PvE Revamp
  • Dungeons and Quests Revamp
  • Elin Valkyrie
  • 1v1 Battlegrounds

Additionally, the folks over at Sarumonin have provided an update on their page regarding status of Elite Status. In short, if you’ve subscribed to the Elite Status system, you’ll be transferred to Elite Status Gold when the game fully transitions on October 15,

“What this means is that all the new benefits of the highest tier of the Elite Status will be available to all players currently paying for the normal $14.99 Elite Status, and though players can’t purchase new EMP to get Elite Status, we figured it was the right time.”


Poorna Shankar