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TERA Console Receives Battle Pass, Starts February 18

Rewards and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Season One battle pass for TERA Console has been announced and will run from February 18 through June 3.

As expected, the battle pass features several rewards such as multiple Unique Ameretat Weapons, strongbox keys, and several other cosmetic items. The team also published an FAQ specifically about the battle pass which also revealed additional information.

You can only buy the Battle Pass/Battle Pass PLUS through the in-game store using TERA Coins. The Pass costs 3000 coins, whereas the Plus version costs 5000 coins. You can also buy multiple levels for varying prices as with several other battle passes in other games.

You’ll gain XP for the battle pass when you finish three types of missions like Daily, Challenges, and Hidden. Daily missions and Hidden missions will refresh every day, while Challenge missions will be weekly.

The FAQ touches on reward structures and more, including if it can be applied to other characters on your account. It turns out that pass level rewards are received once per character. This means that if you want to receive pass rewards for other characters on your account, you’ll need to buy another pass.


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