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TERA Console Hotfix Brings Bug Fixes, New Event

Dat hotfix

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest v88.03 hotfix for TERA Console brings a round of bug fixes, a new event, and more.

The Wintera Snowfield event will now be 7v7 instead of 5v5. The new Christmas Santa Event will run from December 17 through December 31. Premium items received an update as well including Festive Costume Box (Price : 1,195 TERA Coin), Dyeable Festive Costume Loot Box (Price : 150 TERA Coin), Christmas Fun Weapon Loot Box (Price : 150 TERA Coin), Festive Hat (Price : 495 TERA Coin), and more.

The update also brings about several bug fixes such as:

  • Named world bosses from [Rally] guild quests not spawning in certain channels
  • Impossible to complete the quest "Fraya’s faith"
  • Impossible to enter the new event channel either using Teleport or on foot when you were in the World Event with the full capacity.

You can check out the full patch notes here.


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