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TERA Console Getting Cross Play with PS4 and Xbox on November 19

Plus server merge

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Good news for all you console TERA players. Cross play and a server merge are both set to arrive on November 19.

The latest community update points to cross play coming to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. If you want to start cross play, you’ll have to select “OK (Recommended)” in the cross play settings UI at the Select Server menu. Check if the cross play setting is ON.

A server merge is set to occur as well, with servers from the same region but on different platforms getting merged. This merger, like the cross play update, is set to occur on November 19. The community update also points to character mergers, the preoccupancy of character names and guild names, in addition to several exclusions for the server merge.

The community update also discusses the server merge policy details. These are actually quite lengthy so be sure to read these as they cover off guilds, accounts, parcels and more. You can read this community update in full here.


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