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TERA Battle Arena Gameplay Overviewed

Arriving this Fall

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The recently announced Battle Arena for TERA has received an overview, providing some more information on what you can expect when you jump in.

First up, if you’re unfamiliar with Battle Arena, it’s essentially a team-based battle game with heroes set to arrive this fall. It’ll be available in the existing TERA client for free. Battle Arena will feature a story mode where you’ll meet the heroes in the next content update.

The overview delves into the UI which will feature a hero window, a party/group window, total your coins earned, a mini map, and time remaining. The controls look to be pretty standard WASD movement with your skills mapped to RMB, 1,2,3,4,C. In essence, it looks to be pretty standard mapping for such an arena team-based game.

You’ll be able to select your hero after which you’ll be sorted into a team. You can’t be placed on a team with another character to the one you selected. You’ll be tasked with killing monsters, earning coins, and leveling your character. You’ll find potions, items, and bosses across the map all there for you to collect and defeat. The team with the most coins at the end of the 30 minute match time expires is crowned the victor.

You can check out the full overview here.


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