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TERA Battle Arena - First Set of Heroes Revealed

It's Looking TERA Firma for Fall

Steven Weber Posted:
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TERA Battle Arena has introduced a set of heroes for the team-based battler. In addition to the reveal of the heroes that will be available when the game releases, Krafton has also released details on what abilities the new heroes will have access to.

The first set of 6 characters will vary with all different types of weapons and battle styles. The list of characters so far is:

  • Elleon: Valkyon Federation Hero
  • Fraya: Allemantheia Commander
  • Ciebel: Velik’s Priestess
  • Zolyn: Moonlight Mercenary Captain
  • Paesyn: Valkyon Federation Supporter
  • Dixie Pincher: Captain of Red Wolves

A Battle Arena Field Boss was also revealed, Avion, the Azart Tank. Details regarding the backstory, abilities, and battle methodology were all present in the post. An overview of TERA Battle Arena was released earlier this month. TERA Battle Arena is set to release sometime this fall.


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