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TennoCon 2022: Warframe's Next Expansion, The Duviri Paradox, Finally Sees Its First Gameplay Reveal

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During TennoLive 2022, Digital Extremes finally pulled the veil back on its upcoming content release for Warframe, The Duviri Paradox. The upcoming open-world update has been teased since 2019 in The Before Times, and while there has been much speculation as to what exactly the Duviri Paradox means, we finally get to see it in action earlier today at TennoCon 2022 the first real gameplay was revealed.

While the mood and look of The Duviri Paradox was set in that first monochromatic trailer in 2019, we see in the first real glimpse at gameplay that the world isn’t wholly black and white. Playing as the Drifter, at least initially according to Megan Everett in a press Q&A last week, the player is trapped in a world created by its ruler, Dominus Thrax - the Mad King, as we’re sentenced to death.

However, other forces intervene, as a disembodied hand is sent hurtling into the ground, injecting a little color into the world in the meantime. The Drifter then is tasked with trying to escape the real of Dominus Thrax while uncovering the meaning behind the world of The Duviri Paradox, as well as who Thrax is really at the same time. 

The gameplay shows off the open-world nature of Warframe that the series has come to be known for, but visually the world is striking. I was enthralled by the monochromatic visuals, especially and love the use of splashes of color whenever The Drifter is interacting with the world around him. It’s a lovely contrast that really stands out stylistically in a way that makes The Duviri Paradox memorable.

Along the way as you explore the many islands of Dominus Thrax’s realm, The Drifter is able to call on his trusty Kaith mount to carry him wherever he needs to go. However, he’s never too far out of the reach of Dominus Thrax, as the Mad King has full control over his realms. The mood and the environment of the Duviri Paradox is directly associated with the mood of the Mad King, as he tries to recapture and deal with The Drifter throughout your time in the Paradox. This means as the Drifter tries to escape the realm of Dominus Thrax, the environment will change to reflect this.

You can check out the full gameplay above from TennoCon 2022 (the video is timestamped to the gameplay reveal). Digital Extremes hasn’t given a release date just yet, though they are still aiming for this year to see The Duviri Paradox release to players across PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.


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