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Tencent Acquires 29% Of Shares From Funcom To Become Largest Shareholder

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Chinese gaming giant Tencent always makes waves in the gaming industry when it makes its moves. Its most recent deal will see it acquire 29% of the shares in independent game developer and publisher, Funcom.

Via a press release, the deal will see Tencent acquire shares currently held by the Norwegian firm KGJ Capital AS, and while the deal isn't officially done, it is a sure enough deal for Funcom to go public with the info. Tencent has its hands in multiple different gaming companies, such as Ubisoft, Paradox, Path of Exiles developer Grinding Gears Games, Epic Games and many more. 

What this means short term for Funcom likely isn't much other than stability. This likely won't affect any projects in the works, such as the upcoming Dune game announced previously. Funcom has had a string of hits recently with Conan Exiles, The Secret World and more. It'll be interesting to see how Funcom moves forward with this move, as well as how Tencent makes its presence known within the company. For now, all we can look forward to is the upcoming mounts expansion for Conan Exiles as well as any new info about the anticipated Dune game.


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