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Temtem Team Acknowledges Global and Trade Chat Issues, Fixes Incoming

A Temtemporary Problem

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Early Access game Temtem has acknowledges that there have been some issues with global and trade chat, in a tweet on the official twitter account. The tweet also points to the possibility of fixing co-op problems in their patch that is set to release sometime this week.

The team over at Crema has let players know that they are aware of several issues with Global and Trade chats, that they aim to fix, but have manages to place a workaround for players in the meantime until the issue can be sorted. Despite these temporary problems, other fixes are on the way and planned for remediation this week! 

This isn’t the first time that the global chats have created issues in Temtem, as the game did have some performance issues related to them just a few months ago:

Temtem is aiming for an early access console debut in early December on the PS5, and they’ve released a roadmap earlier this year, outlining a slew of content updates through Summer of next year.

Despite some updates being delayed this year, will we see Temtem out of early access in 2021?


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