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Temtem Recaps Its First Year Of Early Access As It Preps For Next Major Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It's been a year since the early access monster-catching MMO Temtem released on PC and the team behind the MMO has had an eventful one since the release. The team took to a blog post late last week to detail some of what happened and the milestones they've hit since its initial early access release.

Crema and Humble Games launched Temtem back in January of 2020, bringing a Pokémon-esque MMO to PC. Since then the team at Crema has had a year worth celebrating, as it's released multiple updates for the MMO, as well as even launched on a new platform, the PlayStation 5. To celebrate their first year, the team detailed some of the achievements on their own blog.

Since its initial early access launch, the team has released its island of Kisiwa, as well as improved their chat system and added clubs, which is basically the Temtem version of a guild. The PlayStation 5 release is a huge milestone as it brought Temtem to a new group of players, but also added full cross play between the two, allowing tamers to compete against each other across platforms, or simply watch the battles in its spectator mode.

The MMO is gearing up for its next big update, Cipanku, marking the inclusion of the first Mythical Temtem in the game and more.

"Cipanku will give you the chance to meet the first Mythical Temtem, unlock the Teleport feature, and discover new Tempedia entries, a new dojo and more! Mark the date, tamers, for you have an appointment with Cipanku on the 13th of April!"

Cipanku is a themed island with Electric/Digital type Temtems. Digital Temtems are created by humans themselves and will have their own exclusive traits and techniques, though they are also weak against other Digital type Temtems. Via the PlayStation Blog:

"Cipanku is an Electric/Digital themed island, where tradition and technology converge and meld together. Cipanku is the first island to house Digital Temtem, a rare Temtem type that humans created in the Nanto laboratories. Digital Tems come with their own new and exclusive Traits and Techniques; they’re the first type to be weak to themselves. Digital Tems are strong against Mental, Melee and Digital types, and are weak to Water, Electric and Digital types. They’re also resistant to the Toxic type."

Cipanku will also bring teleportation to Temtem, allowing players to fast travel across the game's Archipelago. Cipanku will be hitting Temtem April 13th on PlayStation 5 and PC.


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