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Temtem Postpones Valentamers' Day Event Due to a Bug, Offering a Gift to All

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Temtem  has had to scrap its scheduled first-ever Valentamers’ Day event due to a serious bug. The event will be postponed and Crema is offering a gift to help make up for the change.

The event was scheduled to start this week, but at the last moment, Crema had to postpone it until next year. There was a serious bug that made rewards unobtainable. This, of course, would seriously impact an event, and wouldn’t exactly leave the best impression if things just didn’t work and the promised rewards and goodies were inaccessible. 

The reason why the event had to be scrapped entirely and postponed until next year, when the theming would be timely again, is due to the way the bug would’ve had to be addressed. To find this serious a bug would have required a client patch, and that presented some issues.

With Temtem being a multiplatform release, this means that client patches require certification to be okayed for platforms. Console certification would’ve taken up to several weeks, which for this event, would’ve been nearly the whole event’s worth of time to fix. Crema also noted that 1.3 is coming, so they need to prioritze that update certification and couldn’t just throw off the whole timing for one event.

In announcing the postponement, the team apologized  for not being able to bring the event as scheduled to those who had been looking forward to it. but they are offering a special gift, the Lovestruck Seal that they had prepared to give away during the event. There is a special code to get that seal, VLNT-WITH-WAIT-SRRY, if you’re a Temtem player.

The team's most recent updates added some new improvements to the dye system, and addressed a number of crashes on Nintendo switch. Those crashes were due to memory issues and they have optimized the game to help cut down on crashing and improve  performance.

For more, head to Temtem.


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