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TemTem Patch 0.6.16 Frees You From Mines of Mictlan


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been stuck in the Mines of Mictlan, the latest patch for TemTem may free you.

The patch brings about some improvements along with several fixes. Notably, it brings that fix for the Mines of Mictlan. Here’s a sampling of fixes:

  • [PS5] Fixed the most common crash source in PS5, caused by the overloading of the console’s memory.
  • Fixed getting stuck situation after battling an NPC who’s facing a wall/obstacle. This was the case in the Mines of Mictlan, where most of the user stucks have happened since the previous patch.
  • [PS5] Fixed the FPS drops after leaving a battle.
  • [PS5] Fixed the virtual keyboard appearing over the info message letting you know the Tamer name you’d chosen was already in use.
  • Fixed a softlock situation in the Competitive Squad menu in the Temdeck when attempting to Move a tem.
  • Fixed a lock status when focusing the trade chat using a gamepad.
  • [PS5] Fixed a loading bar being shown for a second before the Early Access message.

There is still a known issue on PS5 where you might appear invisible to some players. Your nickname and title may be displayed, but your character may be invisible. You can read the full patch notes here.


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