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Temtem Marks Early Access Console Debut Exclusively on PS5 on December 8

Here's what's included

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Temtem is set to make its Early Access console exclusive debut on PS5 on December 8.

You can pre-order Temtem here now at a discounted price to receive an exclusive in-game title and PSN avatars. The deluxe pre-order can be found here. After eight months on PC, over 19 million Tems tamed by you all.

Additional information was shared on the Sony blog post earlier. The Standard Edition preorder will be $37.49 while the Deluxe Edition preorder is $57.49. As to what’s included in Early Access, you’ll be able to explore four of the six islands which should last you about 30 hours of gameplay. Over 100 unique Tems will be available for you to capture.

Additionally, you can play the whole campaign in co-op. A host of other activities were announced too like ranked matchmaking battles. You can also customize your character and grab a house. After Early Access, expect more story content including the remaining two islands. Dozens of new Temtem will be released as well, including new multiplayer features like trading houses, and more activities.


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