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Temtem Launches With Version 1.0, and Kicks Off Season 1 in the Massively Multiplayer Creature-Collecting Game

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A world of creatures is out there and ready to collect, as Temtem, developer Crema’s multiplayer creature collection game launches today on PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The game exits Early Access and officially reaches 1.0. This will also begin the first of quarterly seasons.

There’s a brand new animated launch trailer that shows off all the important features to expect within the game, from encountering and catching TemTems, making friends, playing with them, exploring, and more. There are also nods to the decorating elements, where you’ll be able to have your home, customize, and decorate it with a number of items you can earn or buy. 

The game brings a massively multiplayer element to the creature collection and competition space. The world is intended to feel active and alive, since there will be other players all around. Temtem also features co-op gameplay, where you can adventure with a friend, catch Temtem together, complete Routes, face leaders out there, and even fight alongside one another. You’ll be able to fight other Temtem in battles that feature a pick and ban phase and an ultimate 5v5 battle that will test strategies and the creatures you bring with you.

Once you finish the main campaign, there’s still content to play through, like the co-op and competitive modes, as well as Tamer’s Paradise, a special endgame island.

Playing the core game will be free to download and play, and there will be a premium shop with cosmetics and a rotating selection of house decor items. You’ll also be able to earn cosmetic items through battling on your adventure through the archipelago. There are a couple of different premium currencies, and the Tamer Pass, which is the battle pass for the game, that will get you set up.

This launch also begins the first season, with a new season coming every three months. these seasons will each have a new theme, bring new cosmetic and decor items, and more.

See more over at Temtem.


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