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Temtem 'Golden Week of 1.0 Spoilers' Begins With Refined Campaign Updates, Increased Luma Chances, and More

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If you’ve been paying attention at all to Temtem, you know that the game will be heading out of Early Access with update 1.0 on September 6th. Now, the team at Crema is holding “Golden Week of 1.0 Spoilers” and detailing some of what you can expect from the game and the team’s philosophy on update spoilers.

They embrace surprises. While some teams reveal all or almost all in spoilers, they believe that there’s value in leaving some mystery.  We want our players to experience surprises when they receive a new patch. We like to spoil some minor features here and there so there is some hype on what’s coming, but we believe that having surprises is important too.”

That said, they’re also always working on things internally and wary of releasing info when it’s not ready, but also to get feedback when they’re not ready for that either. Once you open the gate, you open the gate.

As for the content, they've been working on tweaking the campaign and progression, in ways to ease the on-ramp in and simplifying this basic player experience. However, they've received feedback about the number of NPCs you're forced to beat, and the volume of dialogue.

They’re reducing the dialogue and eliminating about 20% of mandatory encounters and changing the experience curve to compensate. You can still battle them all and gain from the boosted XP, but you won’t have to. In terms of XP, there’s also some concern about overpowered Tems. If you play co-op, you use half your party so only they’re earning XP while the rest lag. A new bonus is coming that will let the ones you leave out get a small amount of experience for every battle. 

Lumas are also featured in the new devblog. Originally intended to be very rare and exclusive, during Early Access, data shows that almost 60% of players that finished the campaign have at least one. Player feedback has also been in favor of making them more available, so several changes will be doing just that.

For more on all of these changes to campaign and Lumas, head to Temtem.



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