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Temtem Game Director Pounces to Reddit to Defend Temtem Showdown

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Crema, the developers of the creature-collection adventure game, Temtem, have recently faced a bit of backlash from their community regarding the launch of their new battler Temtem Showdown and its abysmally low player count. The game director, Guillermo Andrades, has taken to Reddit to address these concerns.

Temtem Showdown is a free PvP version of the creature collector game Temtem where players can bypass all of the collecting and simply put a team together and battle it out with other players. However, it has not been as successful as anticipated, averaging about 12 players per day on Steam according to SteamDB. Recently a thread popped up on the Temtem Reddit with players venting their displeasure with the team pushing out a new game instead of expanding Temtem with new creatures and zones.

Andrades explained that the decision to develop Showdown was based on its cost-efficiency and the relatively large PvP community within Temtem. Despite these considerations, the player base for Showdown has remained disappointingly low.

Andrades also addressed the community's concerns about the lack of new content updates. He explained that the development of new content, such as new monsters, missions, regions, and dojos, is not sustainable. He explained that the time and resources spent on creating new content often result in a temporary bump in player activity, but most players consume this new content quickly and then leave the game until more content is added. It’s clear that Crema is looking for other ways to capitalize on the content they’ve created rather than simply expanding with an excess of zones or monsters.

The game director further clarified the vision for Temtem for Redditors that attempted to knock the game on its current categorization as an MMO, stating that it was always designed as a smaller-scale MMO with a focus on the story campaign and online elements. He emphasized that the game has delivered on this vision and more, providing a lot of content and hours of gameplay for its price, and the team has teased that there will be yet another substantial update headed to the game in September.

The launch of Temtem Showdown and the subsequent response we’re seeing from the community highlights a predicament many MMOs encounter when it comes to maintaining players and prolonged engagement in MMORPGs. Hopefully Crema can continue to find solutions that will appease their players and fulfill their expectations in the long run.


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