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Temtem Finishes Wildly Successful KickStarter Campaign

By Suzie Ford on July 02, 2018 | News | 0

Temtem, a creature-collecting MMO inspired by Pokemon, has completed its KickStarter campaign. Originally, the team hoped to raise a modest $70,000 but ended the campaign with $574k instead. Who says KickStarter is dead?

In Temtem, collectors will be able to explore the Airborne Archipelago alongside thousands of other players. It is a world consisting of six islands. Each island is packed with a variety of species and the chance to make friends along the way. Players can collect pets, battle other pet trainers or trade with friends. Defeating all eight of the islands' Dojo Leaders throughout the story-based campaign means that a player becomes the ultimate Temtem tamer.

The world of the Airborne Archipelago is filled with creatures, named by the locals as Temtem. Temtem have always been a part of day-to-day life on the islands. They live in harmony alongside humans, helping them with their chores or being loyal and faithful pets.

There's also a long tradition of taming wild Temtem and training them to fight in friendly battles against other tamers. In recent years, this has exploded in popularity due to a revolution in Temtem technology. Temtem scientists achieved the creation of the first Digital Temtem while studying new breeding techniques, and this has spurred the development of various commodities to help tamers on their adventures.

You can learn more about the following features by visiting the Temtem Kickstarter page or the game's official site.

  • types of Temtem
  • combat
  • breeding
  • the story campaign
  • how Temtem is an MMO
  • co-op adventures
  • the housing system
  • character customization
  • competitive play

Temtem is coming for Switch, PS4, XB1 and PC in 2019.



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