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Temtem Delays Spring Update Until Mid-Summer

Around July

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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PC creature collection game TemTem has delayed its Spring update until mid-Summer.

It’s been roughly two years since the team launched their Kickstarter campaign, with the game entering Early Access only earlier this year. You can read our tips for starting out here. However, as it is the case with pretty much everyone in the industry, the current global pandemic and working from home situation has affected development.

“Due to the circumstances, our usual work rhythm has been affected, and things were starting to pile up in our queue. We assessed our prospects and came to the conclusion that the best choice would be merging the second part of the spring update with the Kisiwa update.”

This means that the update will hit sometime around July, according to the blog. The update is set to include many additions including a new environment, creatures, rock climbing, and more. The team cites several challenges such as increased workload for the delay,

“The very successful launch has been awesome, but it has brought with it a lot of new problems and challenges to face: increased workload on the customer support department, more and more testing to ensure everything is properly playable by a wider audience, dealing with the tireless hackers…”


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