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Temtem Begins Season 2 and Updates Battles, Ranking, and Announces Its First Tournament

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Since Temtem launched back in September, the team at Crema has been hinting about what’s to come in the next updates. Patch 1.1 was delayed and rolled into 1.2, so now that super-sized update is here. Expect the beginning of Season 2, a series of improvements to battles and rewards, and preparation for the first Temtem tournament.

With this being two updates in one, it is a large one. The start of the new season, Days of Yore, brings a medieval theme to the Tamer Pass. This means the pass activities and rewards have switched over to an assortment of mounts, knights, bards, royalty, and “an old timey musical instrument”, according to the notes. If you’re wondering what happens to previous pass reward items, Crema says that the Season 1 Tamer Pass items will join the in-game store rotation in about a year. 

Some of the most significant changes are to battling and ranking. Ranks are determined by the seasons after this patch. Auto-scaling has been disabled for ranked games. Seasonal rewards will now start being given out at the end of each season, and they will remain exclusive to each ranked season so there won't be second chances on these items.

A new mode, Temtem Showdown, has now been added. This is a PVP tool that lets you create a PVP team from scratch without having to train, raise, and build your teams. Showdown and regular teams will both figure in rankings. 

Temtem’s first official tournament will happen on December 17th at 4 PM UTC. It’s designed as a friendly tournament but Crema is taking applications for strong teams based on S1 ranks.

There are some quality of life updates, including the opening of a beauty center to let you exchange Feathers to be able to re-customize your character. You can also unlock new idle, walking, and running animations here. Changing your character’s name is also now possible as a paid feature. 

For full details, read the notes over at Temtem.


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