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Temtem Adds Chat to Battles, Improves Performance, and Addresses Idle Battle Camera Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Temtem update 1.2 is out, with the creature collection and battle game adding chat available in battles, new music, balance changes, idle camera improvements, and more fixes.

After several months in release, Temtem will now let you chat in battles. There will be icons on a new menu that will turn up during battle, but chat will be hidden by default. You'll have to press the hotkey on the new menu to open it up. chat in battle will only be available for friendly competitive matches and also PVE play. It will not be available for ranked matches, in game tournaments, or Dojo Wars. Crema has decided to make chat available but the least disruptive way possible. 

Some new flavor for the islands has arrived, with new music variations of the competitive battle theme in each area. There are also some quality of life changes, like a series of UI tweaks to make things clearer, including when entering text.  There are also now rarity indicators on customization items like emotes, battle intros, and even music.

The Nintendo Switch version gets a series of performance improvements that should help with a series of crashes that the Switch community has been experiencing. While this should help the crashes, the team vows to keep working on performance in future patches.

Some more improvements come for the issues presented by the idle battle cameras. Feedback from the community is responsible for the changes. Crema notes that they’re working to improve the feature to lessen and minimize issues that they’ve been receiving feedback on before they consider something more drastic, like disabling the feature entirely. 

The main issue is that they’ve gotten reports of the idle battle camera causing motion sickness in some players. This patch slows down camera movement by 2/3 in order to try to reduce this occurrence. The cameras will also start after 12 seconds of inactivity, up from five.

You can read the full list of changes in the patch notes over at Temtem.


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