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Tempered Steel Update for Dreadlands Now Live

Plus patch notes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Tempered Steel update for Dreadlands is live now in-game.

The Tempered Steel update provides an extensive update to the game's visuals, UI and on-boarding flow. Additionally the skill system was massively overhauled with 70+ new skills all spread out over individual skill trees. As if the Dreadlands wasn't dangerous enough, both Heavy Machineguns and Flamethrowers were added to the game too.

Blackfox CEO and Dreadlands Creator Peter Nilsson provided the following in the accompanying press release,

“The Dreadlands community has been invaluable in helping us shape and craft a rewarding turn based strategy experience and we’d love to bring even more players into that community feedback process.”

Patch notes for the update are quite extensive. Item changes in particular received attention:

  • Items are no longer consumed on use (apart from Glow Stims). Meaning they are only consumed in-battle and are then restored to use in the next battle.
  • Antidote renamed to Stim-Pack. Stim-Pack cures Poison and Burn debuffs.
  • Repair-kits can now restore 1 armor point in combat.
  • Ammo renamed Ammo Pack. Can no longer be crafted at the Workshop.
  • Unit inventory size is now reduced from 6 to 4. [Items equipped in the removed slots will be moved to the Gang Inventory, or if it's full, to the Stash]


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