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Team Takes on Player Questions in New Site Feature

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ArenaNet devs have taken a passel of Guild Wars 2 player questions and posted some interesting answers on the official site. The team has plans to make this a weekly event and have additionally posted the guidelines for submitting a query to the team.

Features: What are you able to tell us about the new features coming in March?

”Right now, absolutely nothing! It’s worth noting, we’ve never said the features we’re bundling together will release in March as well, only that they will be released together after the first living world season has completed. Between china beta testing and the large amount of work we’re doing to better pace the progression and teaching of the game based on those tests, completing our current living world story arc, the big projects we’ve been working on in the background (shh!), and all the features in production we’ve got a lot on our plate currently. We don’t want to list any specific features or timing until we get closer to that point where we’re more sure of exactly what players will see. Once the current living world season is completed, we’ll do a “state of the game” update summarizing the major features under production for the big feature release, as well as where we’re headed beyond that feature release.“ ~Colin Johanson

Races: What about Dwarves as a playable race?

”Well they would have to be stone dwarves, since as far as we know all dwarves were turned into stone!….As far as we know, there are so few of them left alive in the world of Tyria after the battle against the minions of Primordus, there wouldn’t be enough to make a playable race. Poor Ogden is likely very lonely, make sure to visit him and give him a hug! That doesn’t rule them out from being a possibility many many years down the road, but there are a lot of races we’d like to pursue first.” ~Colin Johanson

Read more on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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