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Team Grows, Development Responds to Player Feedback

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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An extensive developer update has been posted to the Osiris: New Dawn Steam page to give Early Access players a look at what the team has been working on most recently and what is in the pipeline for the immediate future. Of particular note is the announcement that the team has grown from two to ten, hopefully to increase production.

In phase one, the team has been working on core gameplay and working on persistent data systems such as the erosion system that will see buildings and items undergo wear and tear over time. In addition, players will be provided information about how and when structures are destroyed, most especially in PvP situations. 

Finally, some of the issues may be due to server wipes. If you happen to have not read the forums it may appear to you that we pushed an update proclaiming to “fix” the saving only for you to find out that all your stuff is gone, due to our planned server wipe. Currently we don’t have anything in game warning you of data wipes or migration which is terrible and something we’re working on right now. As the game expands and features are added much of the database calls become outdated or need to be updated, requiring the need for a server wipe or migration. One solution is to conduct weekly server maintenance at a scheduled time to replace the harshness of server wipes with ample warning before each maintenance. With luck, our goal is to have as few server wipes unless it's absolutely unavoidable.

The letter goes on to detail phase two, Contentpalooze, which, as the name suggests, implies the addition of more content in the form of weapon crafting, base defenses, knowledge blueprints and much more.

The entire letter can be read on the Osiris: New Dawn Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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