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Team-Based PvP Title Project Loki Announces Alpha Start and NetEase and Nexon Publishing Deal in Asia

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It's been a while since we've heard anything about team-based competitive PvP title, Project Loki, from Theorycraft Games. Today, the team has announced two major milestones, including the start of alpha and publishing deals in Asia and beyond.

The game was announced more than a year ago and the pre-alpha got a lot of attention. more than 150,000 people applied to play the pre-alpha. This gave Theorycraft a wide pool of potential testers to help shape the early development of the game. Theorycraft’s Joe Tung presented the news in a video update and shared the new milestones.  with the game now being officially in alpha, instead of just prototypes, now the big development phase gets into full gear. 

Project Loki will continue to evolve and the community will still have a voice and a role in helping them with testing things out, but in declaring that Alpha is here, Tung says that any huge changes that might come up would have to be much more carefully decided. The new phase will still involve new ideas and iteration, but the goal now is to move art, production, mechanics, and performance into smoother, production-ready forms.

Tung also announced that the game has secured publishing deals with two of Asia’s biggest companies: NetEase and Nexon. With much of the team having come from titles like League of Legends, the desire to cultivate a community in Asia is a natural move. Project Loki has been described like “League meets Apex meets Smash” according to the team’s press release, so it makes sense.

NetEase and Nexon will take on multi-year publishing duties to being the game to Korea and Japan. Theorycraft is planning to self-publish Project Loki in the rest of the world at this time as they continue to build the game out. 


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