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Tarisland Is Breaking The Gender-Lock Chains With Its Paladin And Mage Classes

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Sam Plaisance Posted:
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The developers of Tarisland are breaking the gender-lock cycle as they announce their new dual-gendered classes. 

The Paladin class is iconic in most MMORPGs and RPGs, and this week, we learned that Tarisland will allow us to choose our gender if we choose to play the Paladin class. Level Infiite announced the big news via Twitter and showcased a short trailer of the female Paladin. Players are excited about this introduction of dual-gendered classes, according to the comments left behind on the post. 

Today, Tarisland announced the Mage is also a dual-gender class, showing off the Male Mage in today's Twitter post. The Mage, originally shown off last year, brings destructive magic to the table, rounding out any party. 

Tarisland will be released globally on June 21st, and not only are we getting a dual-gendered Paladin class, but we will also have access to the newly announced Bard class. The devs do mention in their development plans that there will be more classes that will not be gender-locked in the future, but the Paladin is the first to be completed at the time of writing. 

Not only do we have several class choices on the way, but we will also have a serious and intense fight on our hands. The final boss, known as the Blight Dragon, was revealed a few days ago, and this monstrous beast will surely put up one heck of a fight at the end of our journey.


Sam Plaisance