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Tarisland Introduces Bard In New Overview Video

Heal or harm with song

Victoria Rose Posted:
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In its latest Tarisland development update, Level Infinite showed off the capabilities of its Bard class—which will have both a healing track and a damage track. 

The Bard class’s “Solo” path has a special “Chord Note” customization perk, which allows players to execute different forms of the Chord Score attack with different effects. There’s also some bread-and-butter attack and movement abilities, so it’s likely a good class for mobile but flexible players. 

The “Harmony” path is the healing type, meant to accompany parties. The different abilities grant both healing and damage-reducing powers, making them great for difficult multiplayer encounters. 

So far, we only see the Male one, as Tarisland used to famously lock in its male versus female classes, though Tarisland claimed back in December that it would be working towards both male and female versions of all classes. It’s set for a global technical test this month

You can watch this showcase on the Tarisland YouTube channel:


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