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Tarisland Drops Two Lore Trailers Talking About Its Story And The High Elves

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tarisland has dropped a few videos this week, highlighting its story as well as the origin of one of the races in the world, the High Elves.

The upcoming MMO from Tencent aims to highlight its story in the first of two trailers released this week,  seemingly narrating the trailer from the perspective of the villain of the MMO. The trailer zooms from one region of Tarisland to the next, though without much context to actually make sense of it all.

The second trailer dropped this week is the origin of the High Elves, one of the races in the MMO (and touched on in the worldview trailer as well). This video is a bit easier to follow as it talks about how the High Elves lived happily on their own little planet.

However, Asheron, the God of Disaster, destroyed the planet the Elves lived on, while the God of Destiny shepherded those Elves down to Tarisland, where they now live in the forests. 

Tarisland is an upcoming MMORPG made by Chinese company Tencent and is releasing globally on both PC and Mobile sometime this year. Described as a massive sandbox, Tarisland will feature full crossplay and progression between the two platforms. It comes as a fortuituous time for Chinese MMO gamers who might be looking for something new to play since Blizzard's deal with NetEase expired earlier this year, dropping support World of Warcraft in the country (especially since Tarisland kind of looks like WoW).  Reports earlier this year that Blizzard was being sued by NetEase over this were proved false, instead with just a lawsuit-happy guy behind the ordeal.


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