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Tamer Goals Revealed

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Tamer Saga players have a new set of Tamer Goals to work through. Tamer Goals are tiered and completion of each step will yield rewards to diligent Tamers.

Players will be able to find Tamer Goals on the upper right side of the game interface and all of them will be qualified to enjoy the fun after it is available. The Tamer Goals system contains 7 stages, including Initial Stage, Exploring Stage, Rising Stage, Developing Stage, Booming Stage, Remarkable Stage and Magnificent Stage. All players in the same server should pull out all stops to meet the requirements and complete the goal quests. Once they complete one of these quests in order, they will be able to enjoy the corresponding rewards which will be automatically given away by the system. As to the previous 6 stages, they will be automatically completed if players fail to meet the requirements before the deadlines. However, players must depend on themselves to activate the 7th stage and then enjoy the buffs earned.

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Suzie Ford

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