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Tales of Wind Now Available on PC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Tales of Wind is on PC, according to an official Facebook post.

You’ll be able to download the game here. Here is some additional crucial information about the PC version directly from the team,

1. The PC version allows login with Neocraft, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Guest account is currently not available, we highly recommend that you bind your account to continue; 2. Only one account (One client) is allowed to run at one time; 3. PC version takes around 2G storage to install, please make sure that there is enough space in your computer; 4. The PC version has passed the antivirus test, please don’t worry when you receive “Malware alert” from antivirus software. Press “Trust” to run properly; 5. Please download the vcredist_x86.exe software which is provided on our official page if the PC pack is stuck on loading (This will not affect other things other than to help connect to our servers). Install the software, launch game again to login normally; 6. Control your characters to move with [W][S][A][D] on your keyboard, release your skills with mouse on left clicks. You can also set from settings to meet your requirements; 7. Top-up through PC will lead you to our official website, please complete the recharges there which is completely safe; 8. PC version is still under developing, you can only install on Windows operation system; 9. In-game functions including Share, Voice message and Karaoke is not available; 10. For any further concerns please find support from Settings – Customer Service.


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