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Tales of the Shire Is A Cozy Life Sim Set In Middle-earth's Most Idyllic Location, Coming This Year

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Shire is one of fantasy's most iconic and idyllic locations, and soon players will be able to take in a day as a Hobbit in the upcoming cozy life sim, Tales of the Shire.

Developed by Weta Workshop Game Studio and published by Private Division, Tales of the Shire takes players to the town of Bywater in the form of a humble Hobbit. Players will be able to customize their Hobbit, and take part in everything a Hobbit wants: fishing, cooking, foraging, and gardening (some good, tilled earth), and much more. 

Tales of the Shire also allows you to decorate your own Hobbit hole, which of course means comfort. Place furniture and decor, and fill your larders to the point where any traveling Dwarven party won't completely empty it (though hopefully, they don't blunt the knives!). Bywater is full of iconic families from the pages of JRR Tolkien's novels, and everything leads to throwing the biggest bash of the Shire: the Bywater Festival. Bywater is also home to the Shire's famous Green Dragon Ale, where the only brew for the brave and true comes from. 

Tales of the Shire is set to release in the second half of 2024 across PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series S|X and Nintendo Switch. 


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