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Taking a Closer Look at New Club Features

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Trove site has been updated with a new look at how Clubs will be changing with the arrival of the Adventures update for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One next week. Club members will be able to help their Club get new Fixtures by completing Club Adventures. 

Fixtures come in a number of types that can help Club members by providing buffs. Some example include the Base that allows for banking and summoning NPCs. Combat Fixtures provide buffs to increase power in PvE and Utility Fixtures bring special vendors into the area.

Fixtures are paid for and upgraded by using "Clubits" that can be converted from a new currency that players earn by completing Club Adventures. Once a Club Adventure is taken from an NPC, players earn Adventurine that can be converted to Clubits and donated to the group for maintenance and upgrading of the Club itself.

There will also be a new Adventures interface to help keep track of what Adventures are available, what the rewards are and so forth. 

You can learn more on the Trove site.


Suzie Ford

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