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Take to the Skies and Battle the Storms, as Dragonflight's Launch Cinematic and Pre-Patch Phase 2 are Live

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It’s time to “Take to the Skies” with the release of World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight launch cinematic. Today, the pre-patch phase two begins, the Dracthyr Evoker is playable, and a new event, The Tempest Unleashed, begins in Azeroth.

The pre-patch stream today featured WoW team members walking us through some of the changes that are already live, like the class and talent trees, UI and HUD revamps, and then the launch cinematic.

The cinematic holds up those promises of taking us into the Dragon Isles and setting up all that we’ll be finding out when the full expansion is out on November 28th. The cinematic is almost completely set in and around flight (with Horde and Alliance characters flying  side by side), but also doesn’t shy away from both beauty in the natural settings, and the dangers that both came to pass and the ones that are ahead of any characters that step into the action. One of those impressive dangers might be the Primal Dragon Raszageth, known as the Storm Eater, who shows up mid-way. After all, the expansion is called Dragonflight, and this cinematic reminds us of that. 

The Dracthyr Evoker is also debuting with the new patch, and the cinematic features them, but there’s a new trailer all about the new race/class combo. This one goes into their place, the awakening, and the changes and threats ahead, plus their two ways to play - Devastation and Preservation, depending whether you want to fight or support your team.

The new Tempest Unleashed event is another addition, where the primal storms are coming. If you collect Primeval Essence from the storms, you can earn yourself a full set of item level 252 armor for your chosen class and spec, a pet, the Primal Stormling, and more. What is the simplified description, because of course there will be some challenges ahead in order to get your hands on that essence. 

For more, head over to World of Warcraft for the rundown on the update, the event, and more.


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