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Take on TzKal-Zuk as RuneScape Concludes the Elder Gods Story With The TzekHaar Front, Out Today

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RuneScape gets its fourth Elder Gods dungeon today, with the arrival of The TzekHaar Front. The final boss is General TzKal-Zuk, who may be familiar to Old School RuneScape fans, so it's a fitting way to end the yearlong Elder God Wars story.

In this round, you'll have to take on the TzekHaar army by heading to the northern part of Senntisten and entering a chasm. What awaits you inside is a combat test. Unlike previous installments like the Croesus Front, which was the first skills-based dungeon boss in RuneScape, this one is going to come down to fight and endurance. 

You'll face waves of enemies to take on (and loot if you defeat them, that's collected in a chest as you go). As expected, these waves will get more  and more difficult as you take them down, so be prepared to go the distance. For those seeking an even greater challenge, there's even adjustable difficulty. 

After a certain number of waves, you'll get to take on TzKal-Zuk himself. This  won't be an easy fight either, as Zuk is reportedly RuneScape's highest level enemy ever, with a combat level of 14,000. So if you're ready to take him on and emerge from this dungeon, and the Elder Gods story itself, you'll get some great rewards, of course. These include Ful God book, a boss pet and a skin, and a new magic ability. With a chance at very impressive loot if you can handle the hard mode. While all of the loot for victory is going to be impressive for the challenge here, if you're able to get through this on hard mode, you'll be able to get parts for Zuk's sword. 

The new content is out today across PC and mobile, along with any previous installments you may have missed. Find out more on the RuneScape site.


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