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Take on the Castle Specter in Broken Ranks' Newly-Added Instance

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Castle Specter is getting ready to haunt Broken Ranks. Some new content originally teased on the game’s development roadmap is on the way today, featuring the instance and this new boss, along with new enemies, and loot fixes.

To settle into the new instance, you’ll have the option (but it’s not required) to take on the introductory quest that sets you up. The quest, Ars Moriendi, is for level 40 and above, and will begin a mission that lets you go deep into an investigation of a mysterious curse that affects the location of Castle Gastelhof. There are elemental specters and once you know more, you’ll have to follow up on this information.

The part coming in this new update today will only be part one. The Whitemoon Games team decided to expand the quest beyond its original plans, so part two will follow sometime later in the quarter. So the mystery won’t let you uncover all of its secrets just yet. but there’s still plenty of challenge to take on this time. 

There is additional mystery here with the tales and rumors of a lord of the castle that had gone missing with his whole workshop. Now, you probably know where this is going. In order to enter the instance you will need to speak to the NPC Arcanegrin and pay a fee of 150,000 gold per party or a black pearl in order to open the gate. 

Once inside, you have to make it through the castle to reach and defeat the boss. Of course there will be a number of new enemies in there, essentially twisted abominations of the previous occupants of the castle, and eventually the Castle Specter himself as your final boss. Beat him and have the chance to grab some legendary gear.

Speaking of loot, this update also adjusts the loot system to make pieces drop at random so that previous occurrences of some slots having better chances to drop. The change also limits a party member to one legendary drop.

For more, head over to Broken Ranks.


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