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Take on Perpetua and Save the Multiverse in DC Universe Online's Latest Episode, Dark Knights

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The latest update for DC Universe Online, featuring the new episode Dark Knights, is now live. the update concerns Perpetua and her plans to destroy the Multiverse. This continues the story taking place in Washington DC amidst destruction and chaos. Even the Hall of Justice is in Ruins. Heroes and villains will have to join together to stop her.

This episode continues and ends (?) this storyline in DCUO, and it directly continues the events of prior installments like House of Legends, Birds of Prey, Legion of Doom, and others.. From the description:

“Perpetua has escaped the Source Wall and is remaking the Multiverse, destroying good worlds and siphoning power from evil worlds. She has turned The Batman Who Laughs loose to create his own twisted realities. And with this kind of power, nothing and no one can stop her.”

The update features new daily and weekly open world missions, and includes normal and elite versions of a Duo, a Raid, and an Alert. In the On Duty menu, you'll also be able to find special event versions of all content for level 15 + open for a limited time.

The open-world missions in Death Metal D.C. are here for level 15 and above to take on daily and weekly. The new Duo is called Dark Knights: New Apokolips and involves Grail helping Wonder Woman take down a source of Perpetua’s power. You can join forces to take down dark father. The new alert is called Dark Knights: Return to Earth 3 and this time Lex Luthor and Death Metal Batman are targeting a source of Perpetua’s power, the Crime Syndicate. The new raid, Death Metal: The Source Wall is where you go to take on Perpetua herself. Meet up with Wonder Woman and get ready to  confront Perpetua and stop her plans.

In the update there's a new currency, Death Metal, along with new gear inspired by Death Metal Batman and Death Metal Wonder Woman. 

For more, see the announcement at DC Universe Online.


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