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Take on Dungeon Boss Bob and Battle for Halloween Loot in Albion Online

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Returning to Albion Online today is the seasonal Allhallows. Get ready for the Hallowed Ground dungeon, seasonal loot, and more festive challenge and fun.

Should you be feeling up for the challenge, you'll have to find a randomly spawning portal in T4-T8 zones somewhere in the open world. Explore, have fun, and hope for one of these glowing portals to the Hallowed Ground. If you find one and get inside, you'll find pumpkins and feel right for the season as you battle mobs and maybe even get to take on the boss of the whole thing:  Bob.

Bob. Simple and yet, a challenge waiting for all who come through. Take him on and you’ll be rewarded.These instances will be available in both group and solo versions, so everyone is invited. Of course there's loot as well, with items like the Horse Macabre or the Jack o'Donkey mount skins to be won. This way you can take the Halloween spirit with you throughout your adventures in Albion Online

With the game evolving and changing to emphasize adventuring and exploring in the open world for all levels, having your mount bring a bit of the ghoulish will surely get you noticed. Probably won’t keep mobs away, but you could give it a try. The next biome update will be a big one, and there will be challenges coming in the meantime, like surprises to be discovered by wandering around the caves. Those caves can be spooky, so until they’re around, maybe this can fulfill your need for a bit of the creepy and rewarding until more updates get the go.

The event starts today and will run through November 10th when all of this disappears until next time. For more on the event, see the official announcement on the Albion Online site.


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