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Take in the Essence of the Lords of Hell as Diablo III 2.7.2 PTR Testing Begins This Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The new update 2.7.2 for Diablo 3 is coming to the PTR for testing starting November 4th. Details on the patch include a new season theme, with season 25 happening just before the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Diablo franchise.

With PTR testing generally pretty short, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when it goes live on Thursday. To make this as simple as possible there will be PTR unique buffs to help you on this journey. The PTR vendor will also let you test out new gear. 

Season 25 will let players embrace their evil side and infuse themselves with essences of the Lords of Hell. You can upgrade the demonic Soul Shards you discover based on the seven layers of Hell and embodying Prime Evil and Lesser Evils. When you take that on you’ll be able to take on the demons of sanctuary with new forms of pain.

When it comes to the Soul Shards, there are seven of them, each giving new powers. There are three Prime Evil Soul Shards that you can equip onto your health and four Lesser Evil Soul Shards you can equip into your weapons. You can upgrade the Soul Shards up to three times each with a new season of exclusive consumable called the HellForge Ember.

These items will drop from anywhere in Sanctuary but bosses will drop Soul Shards at a higher rate. You have to choose and can only equip one Prime Evil and one Lesser Evil Soul Shard at the same time.  

The new patch also comes with special item changes that will affect things like damage and speed. There has been special attention paid to the Witch Doctor with the Spirit of Arachyr set being completely reworked with the intent to give Witch Doctors a needed power boost.

For more, see the full patch notes and how to get PTR Access on the Diablo 3 site.



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